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How to Acquire Rolex Faces for Your Apple Watch?

Enhancing Apple Watches with Rolex Faces

A Journey into Sophistication and Elegance

Acknowledging the undeniable reality that Apple’s watch faces lack variety, many enthusiasts ponder the possibility of integrating Rolex faces onto their Apple Watches for that extra touch of sophistication and elegance.

Rolex Apple Watch Faces

Before delving into the process, it’s imperative to note that the journey to attaining sleek Rolex faces on your Apple Watch is not only feasible but also hassle-free.

Without further ado, let’s embark on this intriguing process.

Downloading the App

To infuse Rolex faces into your Apple Watch, the primary step involves downloading a specific Chinese app catering to this purpose. Notably, this app is not accessible via the Apple Store, necessitating its download via a web browser.

The app in question is Jingwatch. Enter the name into your browser and select the initial link that surfaces (Jingwatch).

Upon landing on the app’s page, locate and click on the three horizontal lines situated on the right-hand side. This action opens a menu; select “Installation” from this dropdown menu.

Proceed to click on “Install.” A confirmation prompt will appear on your phone. Upon notification, confirm the installation by clicking “Install” once more.

Await the app’s completion of the installation process.

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Authorizing the App

Post-installation, authorization becomes imperative for seamless functionality. Attempting to use the app without proper authorization results in it failing to launch due to its non-Apple Store origin.

To authorize the app, navigate to your phone’s Settings. From there, proceed to “General” and then access “Device Management.”

Here, you’ll identify the app developer, China Telecom Corporation. Tap on this option and subsequently select “Trust” to authorize the application’s operation.

Now, upon launching the app, it should function without hindrance.

Download on Apple Watch

Given that the app aims to modify the Apple Watch, it must be ensured that it’s successfully installed on the device. Access the Apple Watch app on your phone and scroll down to verify the app’s download status.

If the app is still in the process of downloading, patience is key until it is completed before proceeding further.

Proceeding with the App

Commence by launching the app and initiating the account creation process. Navigate to the Personal tab and input your details to establish an account.

Upon successful registration, sign in to your account, unveiling an array of available options.

Notably, certain faces might require payment. If opting for these, clicking on the Currency option enables crediting your account through PayPal or Credit Card. This credited amount allows you to acquire the desired Rolex face seamlessly.

Downloading Rolex Faces

With preparations in place, the moment arrives to obtain your preferred face.

Click on the icon positioned at the center of the app’s homepage, resembling a gift box. This action directs you to the face store, offering an assortment of faces like Casio, Rolex, and Hermes for either purchase or as free offerings.

Seeking the Rolex face, utilize the search bar to unveil multiple options in the search results. Upon selecting a specific face, a preview will showcase its appearance on your Apple Watch. Additionally, related options from the same developers will appear at the bottom.

For paid faces, the option to purchase will be available, utilizing the credited account balance. Notably, numerous faces are offered free of charge.

To review all acquired or downloaded faces, access “My Faces” located at the app screen’s left corner, presenting a comprehensive list.

Integrating the Face on the Watch

Rolex Apple Watch Faces

With the Rolex faces now in your possession, proceed to incorporate them into your watch.

By pressing the digital crown on your Apple Watch, access the downloaded apps, and select Jing Watch.

Upon accessing the app, the initial face from your My Faces list will be displayed.

For alternative faces, press the screen for a few seconds, revealing the “My Faces” option. From here, opt for the Rolex face or select a face from your phone for automatic loading onto the watch.

A noteworthy advantage of this method is the watch’s retention of the selected face even when the screen deactivates. Upon reactivation, the chosen face persists, enhancing the overall user experience.

In Conclusion

After reading this complete guide you’re now armed with the necessary knowledge to incorporate Rolex faces seamlessly on the Apple Watch in a matter of minutes. The only thing left to decide is which face you’ll dress your Apple Watch with. There are no limits to what you can choose!

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